I have had a pretty bad track record at learning new programming language by myself, at consistently writing a blog, at continuing working on (or being excited about) the side project I’m doing. That sounds like having a bad track record at pretty much everything that matters in the world of open source and programming. 😞

It took me really long to learn Python. I remember starting from print Hello World a number of times because it had been really long since I last wrote anything in Python. I’ve been bad at coming up with side project ideas or contributing to many open source projects. It wasn’t until my job required me to write Python full time that I started getting good at it. 😏

Same goes for Go. I have been willing to learn it since mid 2015. Coincidentally, the job change I made around the time required me to learn Go along the way. But I left that job too soon and moved back into the Python world. I did contribute little something to a Go based project that I like. And, secretly, I feel happy when every release announcement of the project requires a mention about the command I contributed. But that’s pretty much it.

So what the heck am I gonna do now? Well, turns out I’m going to try yet another time. 😄

Recently I came across a tweet which resonated with me in opposite way of how it was intended to. 😉

We all have some spare time and I figured I could use some of it to write something in Go.

So, I planned to do a tiny side project that’s not going to be of much use to anyone except me. But, it would help me learn Go - the growth I’ve wished to make to my profile. This time, I’m going to try and blog as I make progress on the project. That way, I might actually end up making a helpful contribution to myself.

The project’s hosted on GitHub and, at the moment, has nothing but a short README of planned features.

Hope to take this to a closure. Best of luck to me! 😉