Being Productive while Working Remotely

There’s a good number of people living the nomadic lifestyle - stay at one place for some time, work remotely from there, then move to a different place and work remotely from this new place before moving again. There’s also a good number of people working remotely from their homes or co-working space or coffee shops or a mix of all. And nowadays there’s a huge number of people working remotely because the world is fighting against an invisible enemy - covid-19. I’m a remote worker who has been working from home for almost four and a half years now.

When I landed a remote job, I was all excited about it and it seemed to be full of good things without any caveats or gotchas. As I got used to remote work, I started realizing that it’s not all roses. It’s like pretty much everything else in life - a coin with two sides.

Challenges of remote work

Most of my friends and family members ridicule remote work as something that’s not at all challenging. Of course, they have zero experience of working remotely. But after the initial honeymoon period of a few months, I started seeing the challenges involved in working remotely:

How do I stay productive?

Below are a few things that work for me to stay productive. Your mileage may vary!

That’s it

I’m no expert at productivity and am still figuring things regularly. Lately, I’ve started keeping a to-do list more seriously (I have failed at this a few times in the past) to organize myself. However, I believe, there’s a thin line between organizing and controlling things. And I hope to not fall on the controlling side of the line because it gets ugly when we try to control something, anything.