Why don’t we all wear a mask? Why don’t we maintain social distancing in crowded or indoor spaces? Why do we ridicule someone who’s afraid of getting infected? Why does an infected person feel tabooed? Why can’t we feel empathy for people who are afraid or people who are infected?

Why do we burst crackers so late into the night? Why doesn’t it feel like we would be disturbing numerous people, animals, birds and other living creatures in doing so? Why does disturbing someone feel so much entertaining/fun to us? Why doesn’t the condition of old people or that of patients in the hospital make us think twice before bursting such noisy firecrackers?

Why does killing animals for food not seem unusual? Why can’t we have more vegetarian people? Or, maybe, vegan people? Why can’t we value more lives than just ours and our loved ones?

Why does driving on the wrong side of the road come so naturally to us? Why can’t we understand that saving a few seconds or a few drops of fuel could cost us way more than we can ever afford to lose - our life? Why does honking unnecessarily not seem inappropriate to us? In fact, why do we honk to the tune of the song playing in our head? Why not wearing a seatbelt or helmet seem cool and not unsafe? Why does lane driving sound like a concept from a different planet? Why do we use our phones while driving?

Why aren’t we disciplined? Why can’t we exercise regularly? Why don’t we exercise? Why can’t we practice a skill regularly? Why do we expect immediate results? Why can’t we see that the sportspersons we admire or the celebrities we love are what/where they are because of the discipline we can’t even dream of?

Why are we self-absorbed? Why can’t we pause for a second and think about how our actions would/could affect someone else?

Why are we so polarized? Why do we have to be on the extreme end of left/right wing? Why can’t we be centrist? Why can’t we discuss instead of debating ferociously? Why does religion divide us instead of uniting us? Why, in spite of preaching vastly similar principles in their holy books, have the religions or religious leaders not managed to bring about peace in the world? Why are people ready to do violent acts in the name of religion when all the religions preach loving your fellow living beings?

Why are we so afraid of asking questions? Why are we so afraid of sounding dumb from time to time? Why are our egos so bloated? Why can’t we have beginner’s mindset where we are actually beginners? Why does it have to be embarrassing to not know something and actually learn it?

Why don’t we talk more deeply with people close to us? Why does sharing feelings have to be so difficult? Why, in spite of having more than 7 billion people on this planet, does something not working out with just one person make us feel like we’re not worth it? Why does opinion of that one person matter so much when there’re billions of people and millions who’re feeling just as low as us and craving a real human connection just as badly as us?

Why aren’t we willing to be open? Why have we closed our minds and limited ourselves to the beliefs and customs we grew up with or are/were surrounded by? Why can’t new experiences change our perception? Why does status quo matter so much?

Why can’t I just sleep peacefully at night feeling content of having made it successfully through yet another day?

Why do I have so many questions?