I just returned to work after a vacation of 10 days. It was actually a paternity leave. What bothered me as the end of the vacation approached was that I didn’t feel either relaxed, or satisfied, or recharged at all. Obviously the kid kept me up till late night every single night. But playing with her was the greatest delight!

I delayed taking the paternity leave hoping that the pandemic situation might ease a little and I might be able to do something other than opt for a stay-at-home vacation a.k.a staycation. But that didn’t happen. Pandemic situation worsened to unfathomable extent after the birth of my little one. So I was indeed compelled to go for a staycation.

I was bored and irritated and disinterested during the entire leave. Only good things to happen were a small family gathering of eight people; four of us in same house already and four others came over. And I deleted Slack and didn’t think of work during the entire period! Most importantly I played a lot with my kid which might not have been easy along with work.

Perhaps it was the most amazingly boring vacation I have ever had.