This is a #poopthought that I had, not even a shower thought. Unlike most times, I went in there without my phone and let my brain wander on its own instead of being guided by dopamine boosting social media.

When reading about certain events from the recent past, I find something along the lines of “old population wanted x, but younger population wanted y”. And yet, the population that seems to get widely affected by such elections or referendums is the one that has been living in a certain country to make a career for themselves. These folks first pay a huge amount for education in that country, and then when they get a job to fulfil their dream, they pay a lot in taxes.

Taxes are good. I don’t think they are entirely bad.

But it sucks when the elections or referendums compel such people to pack their stuff and return to their homelands (where they may or may not get such career opportunity), or make it extremely difficult to find work that could help them payback their education loans. Not to forget the distress they feel.

So, I wonder, why can’t the taxpayers be allowed to vote along with the citizens? In some countries, this might also help the government gain more taxpayers.

As I said, this was a poop thought, and there might be some genuine reason for not having such a practice, but while pooping, I felt that it could help keep certain dumb wits out of office instead of trying to make a comeback in future elections.