Kantara transcended the regional boundaries and became popular pan India. I, unfortunately, missed watching it on the large screen. Today I finally watched it on Netflix and ended up absolutely loving it! The last South Indian movie I watched was Pushpa, and I didn’t really enjoy it as much as it was hyped. On the other hand, I thoroughly enjoyed Kantara, and felt FOMO about not watching it in the cinema.

What I loved about the movie was its story and the picturization. It kept me engrossed till the end instead of becoming predictable. The story is set in a village deep inside the forest. That made it a visual treat for me to watch. The story felt very realistic instead of the usual filmy stuff. It didn’t keep revolving around the protagonist-antagonist or a romantic couple, but was much larger than that.

Before watching the movie, I knew that numerous people (famous names included) have spoken great stuff about the movie, so I went in with high expectation. And I came out totally in love with the story, acting, picturization and great admiration for the entire movie. Although I don’t understand Kannada, I liked the music as well. :)

Next up, I’ll watch RRR, which has become popular around the globe by now!