I am a Software Engineer from India. I code in Go. In the past I have written software in Python. Besides writing code, I am passionate about writing documentation for the software.

I love reading books (no preference for genre as long as the book is engrossing), watching travel shows, traveling (when pandemic is not busy screwing things), and watching nature shows. I love learning new things about technology, productivity, life-hacks, and everything that piques my interest.

I work with Red Hat as a Team Lead and Senior Softare Engineer on the odo project. Previously, I’ve worked with different companies in different roles like System Admin, DevOps Engineer and Full Stack developer. I have been more of a “breadth” person than “depth”.

I enjoy containers, Kubernetes, vim, GoLand, zsh, markdown, Go, Python, mutt, aliases, command line, Virtualization, and more!

I am the organizer/co-organizer of few meetup groups:

When not fiddling with tech, I spend time reading books, clicking random pics or taking a stroll in nature. And this blog is an attempt at writing. 😉